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About Progression Partners!

Progression Partners, Inc. is a minority-owned business to serve eager-to-service schools across the nation to bridge the diversity gap. Our team of independent consultants will provide support to meet the RFP requirements and expectations of the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

Progression Partners consultants are specialists with decades of experience as teachers, coaches, administrators, superintendents, curriculum specialists,s and professors. The depth and breadth of this experience allow Progression Partners to provide support to all members of the education system – from administrators to parents – by bringing the practical, hands-on experience to consultancy work. 

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Our initiatives help shape decisions for K-12 education programs to ensure all stakeholders are working to improve equity in a diverse environment. The Equity Initiative and Literacy Progression Initiative are both designed to provide ongoing professional development and job-embedded implementation support to achieve the excellence of equity.

Essential factors in improving equity within an organization is to ensure diversity and inclusion are fostered through policies and practices, provide data-driven professional development, and align resources reflective of the school community. 

Our Consultancy Methodology

 Our consultancy methodology is based on the research of Terry Cross, Randall B. Lindsay, Geneva Gay, Gail L. Thompson, Gene Singleton, Gary Howard, Robert Marzano, Charlotte Danielson, Joyce and Showers, Bonnie Davis, Kikanza J. Nuri-Robins, and Raymond D. Terrell.

    Our Team

    Natalie McGee


    Natalie McGee serves as the lead cultural proficiency consultant helping school districts and organizations respond in healthy ways to diversity by developing inclusive policies and practices. She specializes in facilitating professional learning and organizational development focused on equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice. As a consultant, she has designed, planned, and facilitated hundreds of learning experiences for administrators, teacher, parent groups, support and classified staff, students, and community members. She prides herself in combining research-based strategies and practical applications, working with school districts to customize professional learning based on the unique needs of the organization. Her dedication and determination are evident as she endeavors to inspire others to make a positive difference in the lives of all students.


    Elizabeth Campisi


    Elizabeth (Betsy) Campisi is a cultural anthropologist who does applied work, which means using her anthropological knowledge to help people and organizations solve problems. She has over 25 years of experience doing community development work and research in the US and Latin America, including Latinx, Latin American, African American and Native American communities. Betsy also has expertise in diversity, equity and inclusion, cultural competence, health disparities, and trauma-informed practices, and speaks fluent Spanish. She has taught anthropology at the college and university levels and has developed educational programs for staff in the public health, healthcare, and education sectors. She especially loves teaching about equity, historical trauma and adverse childhood experiences. Recently, she was the Chief Diversity Officer at a state agency in Albany, where she used a community organizing approach to engage staff from across the state to do diversity, equity and inclusion work from the ground up.


    Dr. Sumara Case


    Dr. Sumara Case joined Progression Partners in 2021.  She comes with a plethora of experiences in the realm of equity and culturally responsive and sustaining educational practices.  As a current educational leader, Dr. Case models how to embrace, create and sustain equitable educational practices and learning experiences wherein all students have access to high levels of achievement and opportunities for success.  In a variety of educational leadership roles, Dr. Case has utilized her extensive knowledge and experiences in Equity and Culturally Responsive Teaching in working as a thought partner with district and building leaders, as well as classroom instructors in transforming the teaching and learning within districts. Currently, Dr. Sumara Case continues her academic work in serving as an Adjunct Professor in the Education Department at Roberts Wesleyan College where she instructs several courses focused on educational equity and culturally responsive and sustaining instructional practices. 

    Harriette R.E. Grosvenor


    Harriette R.E. Grosvenor is a Caribbean-American educator born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. A graduate of Vassar College and Manhattan College, Ms. Grosvenor has worked in both the private and public school systems since 1991. Her experience as an educator includes: teaching English to students in grades 7-12, serving as a college advisor and coordinator of student activities, co-founding a summer enrichment program to prepare public middle school students for high school, solidifying the vision of a portfolio based, public high school as the Assistant Principal and transforming the fledgling high school division of a charter school as its Principal. Currently, Ms. Grosvenor works as an Education Consultant where she works to guide and build the capacity of school districts, leadership teams, faculty, and staff members.

    Phyllis Cottner


    Phyllis Cottner is an educator with over 23 years of experience.  Her educational experience includes: Special Education Teacher, Instructional Coach, Cultural Proficiency District Coach, Multi-Tiered System of Support Lead Coach and Curriculum and Instruction Lead for Equity, Diversity, and Magnet Programming.  In addition to content knowledge, Phyllis has long held a passion for presenting staff development that causes educators to think and wrestle with the inequities that are often present in the educational systems in which we live.  She recognizes the importance of presenting research-based, practical strategies that will support teachers in transforming classrooms to true learning communities for ALL students.

    Pamela Wilson


    Pamela Wilson a retired public-school Assistant Superintendent who served thirty-six wonderful years as an educator.  Within her career, Pamela has worked as an English teacher, school site administrator and district administrator. During her public-school service, Pamela led in the areas of Curriculum and Instruction and Human Resources. In both divisions Pamela had the opportunity to make policy recommendations to the Board of Education which were designed to insure positive learning outcomes for all students and provide positive working environments for all employees. Pamela has facilitated trainings in equitable practices and has received numerous awards and recognitions acknowledging her work of equitable practices, to name a few: Statewide Administrator of the Year Valuing Diversity and California Association of African American Superintendents and Administrators Statewide Leadership Recognition.


    Tiffany Brown


    Tiffany Brown is a passionate and dedicated enterprising leader serving students, faculty and staff, and parents with over 25 years of experience.  She motivates, inspires, and empowers educators and students to be the best version of themselves by reaching their fullest potential.  Tiffany specializes in Education and Leadership Consulting and Coaching committing to training and modeling self-value to other educators while showing pride towards the profession she chose to make a positive difference in the lives of all students.  A strong believer in the power of a growth mindset and positive thinking in the school setting, Tiffany regularly researches and utilizes the latest best practices in this lifelong learning journey to support teachers and grow students academically, behaviorally, and socially.

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