Working alongside district and school leaders, we deliver customized professional learning to establish equitable practice through Cultural Proficiency at all levels.

Educational Equity

Educational excellence cannot exist without educational equity. Educators have a responsibility not only to teach students, but to support them in their social and emotional development. To ensure such learning and development is possible for every student, educators must adapt to the diversity of their community and allow students to see their lives reflected in curriculum, instructional materials, and school practices.

Progression Partners connects with schools and districts to promote educational equity through cultural proficiency, providing a model for individual transformation and organizational change. Our needs assessment, customized implementation plan, and professional development solutions ensure that a school’s staff, policies, and practices provide the opportunity for effective interactions among students, educators, and community members.

The Journey to Equity and Cultural Proficiency

Progression Partners will support your journey towards fostering a positive and inclusive environment that enables each student to reach their maximum potential. Our methodology, design, and approach is multidimensional and customized to the unique needs of each school or district.

As a thought-partner, we listen and observe first and then structure solutions based on the unique needs of each school and district. Our team will speak with school leaders, teachers, support staff, parents, and students to ensure we obtain an accurate picture of your school’s cultural proficiency. Then, to ensure change is made, we work alongside your team to help you implement the improvement plan that impacts all levels of school leadership, educators, and staff.

Partnering For Student Success!

High Quality Partnerships


Job-Embedded Learning

Cultural Competence Training


Literacy Support

Cultural Proficiency Continuum

Our Cultural Proficiency Continuum provides a language for understanding one’s true awareness of the cultures and identities of each student.  Through self-assessment, the continuum can help to measure attitudes and beliefs in order to recognize both healthy and unhealthy cultural actions.

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Our highly experienced and trained consultants are able to create a safe environment so that honest conversations can occur. We leverage these conversations to cultivate internal coherence and collaboration, developing a consistency of practice and language within your schools that enables staff to understand and embrace the unique differences of their students.

Achieving Equity Through Cultural Proficiency to Improve Student Outcomes

Cultural Proficiency cannot be addressed with a one-size-fits-all approach. In order to achieve cultural proficiency in the school environment, an inside-out approach needs to be implemented that includes:

  • An individual and whole-school focus where leaders and teachers assess their own culture, the culture of their school and surroundings, and learn to manage the dynamics of difference between all parts
  • Workshops focus on the core principles of achieving a culturally proficient education community
  • Job-embedded professional development, through equity implementation support and feedback, individual and small group sessions before, during or after school, facilitation of professional learning communities (PLC) through the duality of cultural proficiency,  facilitation of restorative circles, and  in-class support of cultural responsive teaching (CRT) practices.

Partnering for School Success

When you work with Progression Partners, you have a partner that shares your passion for student success. We focus on your highest-priority needs, collaborating closely with you to achieve success in professional learning services, districtwide instructional initiatives, or school-wide improvement. Our combination of people, rigorous processes, and data-driven accountability offers an integrated system that impacts teacher effectiveness, closes student achievement gaps, creates a culture of continuous improvement, and assures that all students are positioned to succeed.

Equity Initiative

Schools are responsible to respond to the diversity of the community, not just that of the dominant mainstream culture. Progression Partners’ Equity Initiative helps improve the overall school culture by developing effective leaders and teachers that align policies, practices, values and procedures to meet the needs of all students, regardless of culture, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.

Literacy Services

An integral part of our work is to provide ongoing learning opportunities that are specific to the needs of your staff and your goals for improvement. These sessions help your staff become experts in literacy instruction through the lens of culture.  This, in turn, creates a pathway to a positive, equitable learning environment and students who are proficient in reading and writing skills.

What Our Participants Say


The Cultural Proficiency Workshops were thought-provoking and helped me to identify my culture and come to the understanding that being cultural blind is not an attribute that values and affirms differences. 

Kayla Robarge
Teacher, Temecula Valley Unified School District

I encouraged my leadership staff to attend the 8 day Equity Institute training and together we discovered that there is so much more to culture than what immediately is thought. Very insightful!

Lenape Elementary
New Paltz Central School District

Affirming! The equity session was affirming. We have a lot of work to do to continue to improve how we engage across differences for our students and our district.

Ruth Harris Middle School
Colton Joint Unified School District


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