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The Bridge to Equity

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Equity, as defined– is something that is about being fair and just. It talks about fairness, impartiality, or equity means fair play. Through critical reflection on the culture– that goes through the process that identifies, questions, and assesses the assumptions, it is proven that participants will be one step ahead at identifying their own bias and the hidden barriers to inclusion. The participants will use certain tools to understand cultural knowledge at the individual and school levels. The participants joining the program will have the chance to participate in fruitful conversations about the issues that come out in diverse environments.

This session will bring forth an overview of the equity through cultural proficiency approach by examining the following:

  • Why is equity through cultural proficiency necessary as a shared priority?
  • What is needed to experience cultural proficiency at an individual and organizational level? and
  • How can we ensure a common language and common understanding of the tools necessary for the work?

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